The Pros and the Cons of EPDM Rubber For Roofing Projects

As is the case with anything else, when it comes to EPDM rubber roofing there are both advantages of the material and disadvantages. By knowing exactly what the pros and cons are you’ll be much closer to making a decision, a well informed decision as to whether EPDM is the right material for your upcoming flat roofing project. Credits to Warwickshire & Worcestershire Roofing Services Ltd with some of the content below taken from their company website. A roofing company servicing the West Midlands and seem to specialise in EPDM rubber installations.

The Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofs

EPDM is made from recycled materials which makes the material extremely environmentally friendly

It’s an energy saver, by reflecting heat it keeps properties cool in the summer ( think cost saving on fans, air conditioning etc) And with its insulation properties EPDM also helps cut heating costs in the summer, a win win for the energy savvy homeowner.

EPDM is completely waterproof

The typical lifespan of EPM is between 30 and 50 years, EPDM holds its own against rain, wind and even fire, the material itself is fire retardant.

Repairs are simple, easy and inexpensive, to the point that most homeowners can repair minor damage themselves without calling in a roofer

EPDM is available in a wife variety of colours & textures giving homeowners a variety of options when it comes to design, whether they want something in keeping with a period property or a more modern look.

The material is lightweight, significantly moreso than materials like slate or tile, the benefit is a quicker and ultimately cheaper installation.

The Disadvantages of EPDM Rubber Roofing

So, as with anything, if theres an advantage theres generally a disadvantage, and that holds true for EPDM rubber too……

You’ll need an experienced and professional roofer who has good experience installing this material which can prove difficult and expensive. Consider Which Trusted Traders or a Check a Trade Approved Contractor where you can verify credibility via online reviews left by previous customers. Rubber is a relatively new material to the UK market when it comes to roofing and many roofing companies have little to no experience with the material and many of the ones who do charge a premium for said experience.

HVAC units, chimneys and piping can all pose a threat to the integrity of an EPDM rubber roof, these are the areas which may be prone to leaks in the future unless you find the right roofer for the installation.

Whilst rubber is a tough material it is easily damaged by  falline branches, foot traffic and general wear and tear so whilst repairs are cheap and easy a regular roof inspection is usually advisable.

The youtube video below is a great one too watch if you need some help with a rubber roof repair